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Bitbatua at web3conf Goa, India | 12-14 August 2022

What comes to your mind when you hear that an event is happening in Goa? Probably sun-kissed beaches, water sports, river cruises, gorgeous shacks, and seafood. Also, the fascinating flea markets and sizzling nightlife in Goa entice tourists from all over the world. But this time the core focus of the event was web3. The event was organized by Girlscript.tech at the Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia resort from August 12th to 14th, 2022.  

After attending our first fintech event, we were fully excited to go to Goa for the next event in the series. The adoption of Web3 is increasing each day, and the market opportunity for launching the Metaverse may bring annual revenue of over $1 trillion. Many Web 2.0 companies, including tech giants like Facebook, have already picked up the Metaverse stance, raising questions about whether they will become centralization proponents for Web 3.0 or not. Before anything else about Web3, it’s all about building connections with the technology. As a growing community and organization at the same time, we didn’t want to miss this thrilling opportunity to be a part of India’s first web3 conf.  

We started our journey from Delhi IGI airport and successfully landed at Goa airport somewhere around 3 pm. After that, we went to our booked hotel and we relaxed for a couple of hours. The event management organized an evening cruise on the Mandovi River before the conference. These are mainly sunset cruises, where large boats or steamers sail through the river. Many of the cruises present cultural programs showcasing traditional Goanese dance and music, followed by dinner. Luckily, we got a chance on Deltin royale to admire the surrounding beauty of a lavish Goanese dinner.

In short, the Goa cruise is a place where alcohol and snacks romance with gambling, along with some international music too. After an hour of involvement there, we returned back to our hotels and took our first sleep in Goa.

Day 1 at web3conf India

As Goa has so many interesting places to visit. From pristine beaches to ancient forts. We started our day on the beach of the Novotel hotel. We literally felt the sound of waves that were coming from the Arabian Sea, and the environment was so positive. After all, Goa is all about scenic beaches. Be it north or south, the beaches were truly mesmeric and one can chill out, sunbathe, relax, or simply indulge in super thrilling water sports. We enjoyed the morning for almost one hour, and after that, we got back to the room to execute the day one plan with the web3 conf accordingly. After an hour, our team was ready to have the first meal of the day. Before attending the conference, we had some delicious food on our table. The amazing thing was that we got the same taste of adrak wali chai in Goa too.

At around 10 am, the first conference began, and we got the privilege of listening to different speakers’ conferences. One of them was Vishesh Bhandari, who explained the role of gaming in adopting crypto worldwide

 Also, the speech was delivered by Manav Darji, who explained beautifully how he dived into Ethereum’s upcoming POS consensus mechanism. The speech of Zahoor Mohamed about sharedeum was the attraction of the event. After listening to these key speakers, we tried to engage with the beautiful web3 folks who were present at the conference. We have personally met more than 15-20 people who are working on Web3 or some of them are learning Web3.

After all the activities for day 1, we went to the nearby bistro, Reggae Haven. We chilled out with new mates for the next couple of hours of our night, and the view of the hotel was too good. The aura they created actually gave the vibe of Goa. We had some food and drinks with other teammates too. We didn’t miss the chance to have more discussions related to blockchain and community. 

Day 2 at web3conf India

We started our day with the bright sunlight of Goa. There were lots of birds chirping in our ears. And the sunlight was coming directly into our room. There were lots of coconut trees present in our hotel, which gave the full vibe of the go-green goa. The second day was also full of enthusiasm and more speakers. One of them was Ali Asgar who explained to us how we could create our own blockchain within minutes. To be very honest, Day 2 was super busy for us because we met in person with almost 50 individuals who came from various backgrounds. We shared a lot of questions and we also tried to deliver our best positive answers to their queries as well. After having an encaustic two days in Goa, this conference gives us a clear message that young India is working really hard to develop something revolutionary, not just in terms of web3, but for the whole ecosystem.

Every founder and cofounder has their own vision, which clearly indicates how willingly the young minds of India want to adapt to technology. 

The vision was clear and simple, like us building a product that solves the current problems. To wrap up all the daily questionnaires from the 2-day event, the most frequently asked question from people who met us was “How easy is it to accept crypto payments?”.

To sum up the answer in a single line, we suggest you visit our signup page to learn more.. It will take a few minutes for you to accept crypto payments as well as to understand the whole concept. The current state of the blockchain industry and the variety of protocols and solutions for asset tokenization will also be part of the 2-day conference agenda. The blockchain masterminds, NFT creators, DeFi spearheads, gaming tycoons, Metaverse instigators, and other experts interested in creating and nurturing the Web 3.0 world were the core focus of this event.

From a buzzword to a global financial and industrial game changer, the crypto space has undisputedly become part of everyday life. Transparency, immutability, security, privacy — all the benefits of blockchain and crypto are in high demand and are constantly discussed both at a developer’s desk and at a regulator’s office. Events such as the Web3conf India are very important to give a booster dose to those people who are working really hard to solve the problems of modern India.

The mindset of every founder who is working in the Web3 space should be to create a problem-solving product that can actually provide sustainability. Because in order to create something with impact, it is obvious that the product should be smart enough to solve the existing problems of the existing products.

We at Bitbatua will continue to provide better-advanced solutions to Indian citizens at work in every way possible. Our best wishes to the organizers and participants of this grand event.

From creating the poster for this event to sharing the tables with different web3-based projects’ founders and cofounders. We saw the passion of every team that was represented at this conference.

Last but not least, we also shared the table tennis table with so many energetic players. A couple of them are from polygon technology. Also, after the game, we had a long conversation lasting two hours with the hard-core Polygon team. Our founder was actually explaining the whole process of bitbatua. After a long discussion with the Polygon team, one of their members gave us the huge compliment that the product we’re working on will be the next unicorn soon. And that statement still gives us goosebumps. Having such compliments always still gives you a boost. Also, such things inspire us to be more determined about our product.

This journey isn’t over here. We’ll be participating in more events and conferences like this one.

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