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Supported Currencies

Bitbatua supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies that enables you to choose your favourite cryptocurrency to make payments. We aim to list all most commonly used cryptocurrencies including stable coins.

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Transaction fees we charge

Bitbatua do not charge any hidden fees other than what mentioned on this page. We believe in transparent communication. 

Check below table for pricing…

No Chargebacks

No merchant enjoys dealing with chargebacks. Crypto Payments aren’t subject to chargebacks.

No Subscription

We do not offer or ask you any subscription package. We genuinely believe in “Pay as you grow” model, no upfront fee.

Transaction Fees

# Currency Symbol Transaction Fees
1 Bitcoin BTC 1%
2 Ethereum ETH 1%
3 Tether USDT 1%

Market Rates

# Currency Rs. Price 24h % Change T. Supply Market cap. 24h Volume C. Supply
1 bdt-crypto-currency-image Bitcoin btc Rs. 2221446.00 -16665.911648049 21M 43.1T 1.2T 19.4M
2 bdt-crypto-currency-image Ethereum eth Rs. 154239.00 -45.143009055959 120.2M 18.5T 495.1B 120.2M
3 bdt-crypto-currency-image Tether usdt Rs. 82.42 -0.27266909931205 83.2B 6.9T 783.8B 83.2B

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