Hey 👋 We have recently attended Web3Conf, Goa (India),  Know More. 

We at Bitbatua enjoy every little thing happening around us.

Working at Bitbatua is super fun. But there are some points you should know before being part of our journey.
Let's know a few of them.....

Happy Vibes

In our office, we have strict rules for keeping up the good vibes and any failure to do so would result in a punishment to crack a joke & make everyone laugh.

P.S.- The image is not for representation, the guy is in punishment to make others laugh more importantly he is the team lead so keep in mind no one will be spared😝

Mr. Music Singh

Meet our beloved Music Singh ji , they help a lot in fulfilling our point number 1. Whatever mood you come in the office this guy has the potential to change it to a happy one and apart from it Music Singh ji will also increase your work efficiency “Hath Bata k to Nahi par Mahaul  Banake“.

As once a MASHOOR SHAYAR said : GAANA aur KHANA acha mil Jaaye to bade se bada PAHAD Chada ja sakta hai.

P.S.-  Don’t ask for the name of shayar you can meet him in person by simply Joining us😝

Sports Fanatics

Apart from developers, testers, and marketers we are also looking for guys who are sports fanatics as there are some guys here who are dominating the field and we want to see their losing face. So join us and tell them who is the real king.

P.S.- At first we thought of putting a Table Tennis Table then we realized  Ki Hum Baithenge Kaha then we found this sweet little corner right next to Mr. Music Singh Ji  aur  Waha Laga Liya humne carrom but keep in mind CEO sahab cabin is just opposite to this “SWEET” corner.

Paradise for Chai Lovers !!

You will get unlimited Elaichi wali Chai and coffee at our office with cookies as well. Aur kya chaiye bhaii Baki jo aap ghar se layenge wo hum bhi Khalenge itna to kar hi sakte ho aap🤤. As Sharing is Caring🤗

What our team Says about Bitbatua Culture

“Ye sab sach hai baaki to apko pta hai Jhoot Bole Kauwa Kate


Working at Bitbatua is like working in the comfort of your home. We at Bitbatua work as a family and yes I'm the undisputed carrom champion here. So join us and challenge me.

Technology head

I recently became a part of the bitbatua family and my experience working as an employee has been fantastic so far. People here are quite driven, hardworking, and always willing to help.

UI/UX Designer

In 27 years of my life I was wishing for a workplace with fun and peace of mind. Finally, I ended up working at Bitbatua and I can say my wish is fulfilled. Don't think that I'm writing this for a Raise😝

Digital Marketer

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